Important Notification to Clients

It is with deep sadness that I report the death of the owner of Tax Professionals Plus, Leo Futia. His concern for his clients prompted a search for a reputable, well-seasoned tax preparation firm to help and service his clients filling this void.


I am pleased to report that the firm of Stone Financial Network has been selected to provide tax preparation services for clients. The firm has been in business since 1990 and is located at 1655 West Market St., Suite No. 310, Akron, OH 44313. The owner, Ray Stone, and his wife Mary run the firm. The office is easy to find on West Market St. in the ICWU mid-rise office building and is located less than 8 miles from the Tax Professionals Plus office in Tallmadge. The firm’s website is


The IRS requires the records of clients to be maintained for a period of 3 years. Accordingly, your files have been provided to Stone Financial Network. This firm will handle security and maintenance issues on your files. In this way if a question or problem arises, or if you need a copy of your return etc. your needs can be addressed. In addition, this will allow the firm to easily transition to service your future tax preparation needs for the upcoming 2021 filing season beginning in late January 2022. To make an appointment with Stone Financial Network, please call 330-864-5350 or you can email the company at


In the interim if you have any questions, problems or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or text me at 330-760-7263. It would also be helpful to know if you have moved and changed your address since you filed your last federal tax return as important information will be sent to you via the US mail.


It was Leo’s pleasure to work with you on your financial and tax needs. Our best to you in the years ahead.


June Futia and family



If you use Stone Financial Network for your 2021 tax preparation, please let me know.